Gefran TPF: Pressure Transmitter, flush diaphragm
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Gefran TPF Pressure Transducer with flush measurement diaphragm

  • Ranges: from: 0...10 to 0...1000 bar (0...150 to 0...15000 psi)
  • Accuracy: ±0.2% FSO typical
  • Protection rating: IP65/IP67
  • Wetted parts: 17-4PH
  • Temperature range: -40...+120°C
  • Flush fitting stainless steel measuring diaphragm
  • Internal calibration signal
Series TPF transmitters with flush measurement diaphragm with output signal amplification system are designed to check the pressure of high-viscosity fluids, which cannot be done with normal transducers with internal measurement chamber. They are used in the food industry, where the means of measurement must not stagnate in cavities.
The selection of highly stable electronic components and the availability of output signals in voltage and current make series TPF transmitters suitable for applications in which the signal has to be transmitted over long distances or in smart control and checking systems.
TPF Series flush diaphragm pressure transducers are based on bonded strain gauge on stainless steel technology. Thanks to the strong flush diaphragm made with 17-4 PH stainless steel, TPF is particularly suitable for pressure measurement where the media is with high viscosity (thick fluids, oils, rubber, pulps, chemical products, etc.) and the traditional transducers with internal measuring chamber cannot be used. The high thickness of the diapragm makes the product very reliable and suitable for heavy industrial application.
Internal state of the art electronics and very high precision mechanical machining make TPF product the ideal solution for above needs, where the non amplified mV/V sensor has to be used
Output signalVOLTAGE
Precision class (1)< 0,3% FSO 0/60..0/1000 bar
< 0,6% FSO 0/10..0/50 bar
Pressure rangefrom 0...10 to 0...1000 bar / from 0...150 to 0...15000 psi
Max. applicable pressure (without degradation of the specific) (2)3 times Full Scale (max. 2000 bar)
Resistance to bursting4 times Full Scale (max. 2000 bar)
Measurement principleMetal strain gauge glued (4 active branches)
Power supply15...30Vdc10...30Vdc
Max. absorption on power supply (3)40mA20mA
Resistance of isolation at 50Vdc> 1000M?
Nominal pressure signal:
± 0,5% FS
B 5,1Vdc C 10,1Vdc
M/P 5Vdc N/Q 10Vdc
R 6Vdc
Ambient pressure signal:
± 0,5% FS
B/C 0,1Vdc M/N 0Vdc P/Q/R 1Vdc4mA
Calibration signal80% ± 1%FS
Nominal pressure signal control± 5% FSO
Ambient pressure signal control± 5% FSO
Max. permitted load1mAdiagr.
Max. response time (0...90% FSO) L
Noise at output (RMS 10-400Hz)< 0,05% FSO
Output short circuit protection and reverse power polarityYES
Output pulse overvoltage protectionYES
Compensated temperature range0...70°C / 32...158°F
Permitted temperature range-30...85°C / -22...185°F
Thermal drift in compensated range (zero - cal. - sens.)< ±0,02%FSO/°C / < ±0,01%FSO/°F
Materials in contact with measurement fluid17-4PH stainless steel
Outer case materialAISI 304 stainless steel
Protection levelIP65
Process connectionsStandard: M18x1.5; on request: 3/4-16UNF, 1/2”G male
Electrical connections6-pole connector; other connectors on request
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