Gefran 4A: AC/ Voltage Indicator, 96x48
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The Gefran 4A96 configurable indicator displays AC current or voltage. It is ideally suited to supervise electrical load conditions. The large display makes the digits legible at considerable distance.

Gefran 4A indicator offer exceptional versatility due to the wide selection of sensor input options, functions and hardware configuration. Input type and the function of the keys on the faceplate are software selectable. Other indicator input options:

4B series: strain gauge (autoranging between 1.5 to 3.3mV/V), Potentiometer

4T series: Thermocouples (J,K,T,R,S…), RTD (Pt100, Pt1000…), Thermistors, analog 0(4)-20mA, 0(2)-10VDC


  • AC voltage, AC current direct input on instrument terminals
  • Tamper proofing and access limitation, password protected
  • Configurable via PC with "Winstrum" software
  • Labels to customize measured physical unit
  • Connect your input device (4-20mA transmitter, loadcell…) directly the 24V/10V on-board supply
  • Reset maximum/minimum register or “zero” the input via keys on the faceplate
  • Recall minimum/maximum values via keys on faceplate
  • On-board 24Vdc source for loop powered transmitter inputs
Sensor Inputs: 
Number of inputs:1
Resistance Thermometers:--
Sampling time:120 msec
Precision:0.2% f.s. ± 1 digit (for 2/20Vac, 20/50 mAac, 1Aac)
0.5% f.s.± 1 digit (per 200Vac, 500Vac, 5Aac)
Digital input:--
Maximum number of outputs:--
Transmitter power supply:--
Power supply:11...27 Vac/dc, 100...240 Vac/dc; ± 10% 50/60 Hz
Digital communication:--
Faceplate protection level:IP 65
Working temperature:0 to 50ºC
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Gefran eXpress Software
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