Frequency Counter, Quartz Timer

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Frequency Meters, Counters, Timers for industrial automation processes

Digital Timers and Counters

Multirange and multifunctions, panel mounting, for industrial automation use.

We offer a range of single & double display frequency meters, counters & rate indicators with various relay outputs, ideal for indicating taotalisation & monitoring rates in industrial process automation.

All instruments are programmable & we offer in-house technical assistance
with set-up & configuration of complete control systems.

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Define Instruments TEX-CTR10: Counter, Rate Indicator

Define Instruments TEX-CTR10: Counter, Rate Indicator

  • Affordable counter/ rate indicator, ideal for indicating totalisation and monitoring rates
  • Compatible with a wide range of sensors [NPN, PNP, TTL, namur, tacho or closed contact]

Gefran 550:
Quartz Timer, Counter

Gefran 550: Quartz Timer, Counter

  • Quartz time base
  • Timer/counter
  • 12 function modes and 9 output functions
  • Configurable from keyboard

Gefran 556: Quartz Timer, Counter, Frequency Meter

Gefran 556: Quartz Timer, counter, frequency meter

  • Quartz time base
  • 6 time scales, 4 types of timer/counter
  • 4 frequency meter function modes, 6 output functions configurable from keyboard

Overview of features in Frequency Meters Range

 Define Instruments
Gefran 550
Quatz Timer, Counter
Gefran 556
Timer, Counter, Frequency Meter
Front panel dimensions48 x 96 x 119.5mm48 x 48mm (1/16 DIN)
Display13mm LED display, 6 digits3-digit display with 14mm green LEDs2 x 4 digit display with 10/7mm green LEDs
Inputs0–24V DC, 0–30V AC2 control inputs NPN configurable3 control inputs NPN configurable
Full scale Times/countsCounter: 10msec; Rate: 100msec
9.99 sec
99.9 sec
999 sec
9.59 min
9.59 h
max 3 digit
with multiplication :
1, :2, :10,
:100, x2
9.999 sec
99.99 sec
999.9 sec
9999 sec
99.59 min
9.59 h
max 4digit
with multiplication :
1, :2, :10,
:100, x2
OutputsAnalog output (Optional) 1 x isolated 16 bit 4–20mA/0–10V2 relays 5A/250Vac cosφ = 11 relays 5A/250Vac cosφ = 1
Max frequency Of control inputsCounter: 100kHz max; Rate: 10kHz max (100kHz max in high speed mode)100HzSelectable maximum frequency ((with duty cicle 50%) 100Hz, 1KHz, 5KHz selectable
Power SuppliesHV (85–265V AC / 95–370V DC) or LV (15–48V AC / 10–72V DC)110/220Vac ±10%
120/240Vac ±10%
24/48Vac ±10%
24Vdc ±10% 50/60Hz 5VA max


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