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Gefran 600 / 1200 / 1300

Gefran 600/ 1200/ 1300 series process controllers excel through outstanding control performance and very effective self-tuning capability. Enhanced software and hardware allow a high degree of user configurability.

Gefran Temperature Controllers: Features

It is particularly in combined heat-cool control applications where the advanced algorithms come into play, allowing an extremely narrow band between heating and cooling without causing overlap.

  • Choose from a wide range of software-selectable inputs, including 0-10V and 4-20mA
  • Obtain perfect control by activating autotuning via button on faceplate
  • Switch between two setpoints (e.g. "Run" and "standby") via remote button or via button on instrument faceplate
  • Know what the controller is doing : LEDs will flash when softstart or autotuning are in progress or when a sensor fault occurs
  • Trigger pre-configured control functions (alarm reset, Auto Manual modeā€¦) via remote switch
Gefran Express Software (WINSTRUM)

Gefran Express (previous versions known as Winstrum software) is a Windows-environment software whose main function is writing or reading all of the parameters of a single instrument via serial connection.

Compressed Air sensors
Compressed Air sensors
Compressed Air sensors

Gefran Express software is supplied in a kit with an interface cable.
One end of the cable has a 9-pole connector that attaches to the RS232 port of any PC; the other end has a 3-pin connector that attaches to the instrument.

At the serial communication level, Gefran Express lets you choose CENCAL (proprietary) and MODBUS protocols, baud rate, parity, and the serial communication port. You can configure or analyze one instrument at a time, even if it is part of a network.

  • Storage of configurations (formulas) and rapid duplication
  • Running of a trend to monitor the progress of a maximum of 5 variables, with easy setting of scales and time base on the graph to be obtained
  • Printout of the graph
  • Storage of trend data, with settable time base, in a file loadable by Excel to perform all mathematical or graphic processing required
  • Graphic display of custom linearizations
  • Link from each parameter to on-line help accessible with a double click in the window of the parameter



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