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Our range of Programmable modular controllers, PLC-like

Programmable Process Controllers
Texmate/ Define Instruments




Our equipment covers fully programmable process controllers for the automation of small processes where a cost-effective solution with minimum setup and programming is required.

It is ideal where flexibility is needed without having to resort to PLCs.

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Define Instruments 320/380:

Controller, Indicator,

This Define Instruments 320/ 380 range allows free selection of CPU, display options and output cards for any application while still maintaining a panel-mount form factor.

Ideal for the automation of small machinery.

Define Instruments ICC-402:

Controller/ Logger,

If DIN-rail mount equipment with either LED display or small MMI is required, the Define Instruments ICC-402 series is ideal.

Extensive logging via SD card is possible. Select any of 25 different multi I/O cards. Automate without PLC complexity.

Define Instruments SC-CTR:

Rate Controller

The Define Instruments SC range offers a variety of input options and a selection of built in relay, serial and analogue output combinations to suit virtually any application.

These compact controllers feature a built in 2 x 8-digit LCD display, and are hassle free to install, with an easy snap on clip for a 35mm DIN rail.

Define Instruments LD:

Process Indicator,

The large display (Define Instruments LD Range) is a no-fuss controller, designed to balance sophisticated control with a simple interface and setup procedure.

Each comes with a large display (20mm LED display) that's easy to read - even at a distance.

It is a cost effective controller for indication and alarm control in various applications.

Define Instruments TEX:

Process Controller

The Define Instruments TEX controller range offers advanced display options, including additional digits, setpoint indicators and display rows.

LED bar-graphing and 14-segment display characters for clearer viewing of alphabetic characters is a feature.

Define Instruments PRO:

Counter, Rate,
Batching, Controller

These specialised controllers (Define Instruments PRO range) are designed for high demand applications, and feature faster processing speeds and expanded macro space for advanced programming.

Certain controllers incorporate any number of additional embedded functions, including batching, counting, weighing, totalising and setpoint latching.

Multiple output configurations distinguish this range.

Controllers_WM_402 (Wall mountable)
Define Instruments WM-CTR:

Rate Batching Controller,
wall mountable

For easy installation, each Define Instruments WM Controller Unit is supplied pre-mounted in a ready-to-hang box (with IP65 dust and splash proof cover) that can be screwed to the wall with minimal effort.

WM controllers have backlit transflective LCD displays, making them easy to read even in direct sunlight.

Define Instruments SD-50X:

Indicator, Controller,
panel-mount, loop powered

This Define Instruments SD-50X Controller Range is designed to be powered from the 4-20mA loop input signal.

This versatile, compact meter can be used to measure a variety of process variables.

Define Instruments (prev. known as Texmate) product range
fills the gap between conventional PID controllers and PLCs.

It compliments our product offering extremely well and will be particularly attractive to the original equipment manufacturers building weighing systems, packaging equipment, filling applications, etc.

Define Instruments offers both smart off-the-shelf process controllers with pre-programmed intelligence as well as a modular system that will allow us to adapt the program to your application.

For the first time, controllers with real-time logging will be available to track and record the process events. The real-time clock also allows timed start-ups and shutdowns to ease operator control.

Inputs for temperature, load cells, humidity, pressure, AC/DC, frequency/ pulse count, pH, 4-20mA/ 0-10V, magneto-restrictive/ resistive linear transducer process inputs are available on the Define Instruments.


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