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Process Controllers for the plastics & packaging, glass- & general industry

Gefran Power Controllers,
Define Instruments Customisable Process Control


Our range of modular power & process controllers offer innovative solutions for industrial control systems. All our modular process controllers have been selected for easy installation on DIN guides in electric panels & offer advanced features for configuration.

Choose from a wide range of software-selectable inputs & control systems designed for your specific applications.

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Gefran 25000 Microprocessor Controller

Gefran 2500

Single-loop microprocessor controller, 96 x 96 (1/4 DIN) format, appropriate for processes with high variation speed.

Gefran 3400 Process Controller

Gefran 3400

The 3400 series controllers can be used as setpoint programmers with up to 8 segments (4 ramps and 4 holds).

Gefran 4400 Process Controller

Gefran 4400

The 4400 series controllers can be used as setpoint programmers with up to 8 segments (4 ramps and 4 holds).

Gefran GFX4 Power Controller

Gefran GFX4

Four independent loop controller, designed to manage
electrical power.      [more info]

Gefran GFX4-IR Power Controller

Gefran GFX4-IR

Four independent loop power controller. specifically designed for infrared heating elements of any wavelength.    [more info]

Gefran GFXTERMO4 Power Controller


4-zone controller for processes involving transmitters and temperature sensors. Used for heating and cooling functions on 4 independent loops.    [more info]

Define Instruments SC-CTR Process Controller

Define Instruments SC-CTR

Offers a variety of input options and a selection of built-in relay, serial and analogue output combinations to suit virtually any application. [more info]

Define Instruments TEX_PRC Process Controller

Define Instruments TEX-PRC

General purpose controller is ideal for all process applications.      [more info]


Gefran Power Controllers: Gefran Geflex

The automation of packaging, wrapping and welding machines requires ever more compact "space-saving" solutions to ensure they can be incorporated within small electrics boards and panels. However, at the same time, it is also essential to develop standard communication possibilities between the machine and line devices.

Gefran Process Controllers used on a Plastic Film Extrusion Machine
Gefran micoprocess controller on a heat exchanger
Gefran Process Control for Hydraulic Injection Moulding Machines

Gefran GFX4 and GFXTERMO4

The GFX4 and GFXTERMO4 multichannel temperature controllers by Gefran optimally solve all these additional requirements, with advanced diagnostic functions.

Designed with four power stages, which is a common requirement on packaging machines, they exercise rapid and precise control over the four temperature zones with the optional possibility of acquiring four further analog signals. Configurable universal inputs, evolved self and autotuning functions, connections via pluggable and spring connectors , and DIN rail mounting
make installation and adaptation to the process simple and fast.

The GFX4 version includes, in a single DIN rail mounting enclosure the four PID controllers and four solid state relays based on sturdy antiparallel double SCR technology. These are mounted on the ventilated heatsink.

As an option there is a provision for four on-board current transformers, together with four extra-rapid fuses assembled on fuse holders.

Gefran GFX 4
Plastics & Packaging Applications: Thermoforming
Plastics & Packaging Applications: Injection Moulding
Power Controller for the Wood Manufacturing Industry

This "all on-board" solution offers considerable space-saving advantages within the panel and reduced assembly time, in addition to rationalising and considerably reducing wiring requirements. With multiple diagnostic functions available, like the "loop break alarm" and the "heater break alarm", it is possible to monitor functionality of the loads and immediately diagnose, with relay alarms and LED indicators; broken probes, lack of load voltage, even partial load failure.

You can also check for excess temperature conditions or short circuiting of the solid state relay. Performance is enhanced by the addition of communication ports with Modbus, Modbus TCP/IP, Profibus, DeviceNet and CanOpen protocols for direct connection, without any further converters, to devices like PLCs and operator interfaces or Industrial PCs.

GFXTERMO4 realises the equivalent performance in compact dimensions (only 25x147x160mm), providing just the control module, for DIN rail or plate mounting, this requires an external connection of solid state relays for the load.

The range is completed by an entire family of solid state relays with or without heatsinks, "hand-held" controller configuration terminals, Operator Panels with Touch Screen and a simplified configuration software packet via PC Focus on Packaging Solution.

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Gefran GFX4-IR

Process Control for Glas tempering
Power Controller for Infrared Heating Applications
Power Control for Infrared Drying Applications

It's advanced power controller with hardware and software functions specifically for IR (infrared) heating elements of any wavelength. IR lamp heating technologies are being applied more and more often in industry, and provide concrete advantages over traditional heating devices.

They are used in a wide variety of industrial processes, from producing PET bottles to cooking foods in ovens, from finishing furniture to heat treating silicon wafers for photovoltaic panels. This applicative flexibility is typical of contactless technologies, in which the product is not (or must not be) in contact with the heating element.

The use of IR lamps has many advantages, including better process control and reduced dissipation of electrical energy, thanks to a highly sophisticated control technology that directs heat to the required point of the product/process.

GFX4-IR, with zero crossing mode, manages and balances individual half waves and controls radiation stability to eliminate flickering. IR lamps, especially in the short wave range, have a very long reaction time and non-linear behaviour between cold lamp and lamp at working temperature. If the heating elements are not correctly controlled, there is risk of flickering, which generates non-stable temperature on the product and shortens the life of the element.

In addition, GFX4-IR does not generate EMC noise when used in zero crossing mode, eliminating the need to install expensive filters in panels.

Soft Start functions, control of peak and RMS current, phase angle trigger functions, feedback functions in voltage, current and power, satisfy the multiple demands of controlled processes.

GFX4-IR is an all-in-one solution with

  • 4 controllers,
  • 4 SCRs with heat sink,
  • 4 current transformers,
  • 4 fuses and 4 fuse holders unbeatable mix that offers enormous benefits in terms of reduced space and wiring.

Optional fieldbuses can be used to interface with Profibus DP, Devicenet, CANopen, Modbus TCP, Ethernet IP and EtherCAT communication devices.

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Define Instruments

Define Instruments covers fully programmable process controller for the automation of small processes where a cost-effective solution with minimal set-up and programming is required. It is ideal where flexibility is needed without having to resort to PLCs. Define Instruments TEX-PRC and SC-CTR fill the gap between conventional PID controllers and PLCs.

They compliment our product offering extremely well and will be particularly attractive to the original equipment manufacturers, building weighing systems, packaging equipment, filling applications, etc.

These smart, "off-the-shelf" process controllers with "pre-programmed intelligence" as well as a modular system that will allow you to adapt the program to your specific application.

The SC range offers a variety of input options and a selection of built in relay, serial and analogue output combinations to suit virtually any application. These compact controllers feature a built in 2 x 8-digit LCD display, and are hassle free to install, with an easy snap on clip for a 35mm DIN rail.

The define Instuments TEX-PRC controller offers advanced display options, including additional digits, setpoint indicators and display rows, LED bar-graphing and 14-segment display characters for clearer viewing of alphabetic characters.

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