Wattcor W211 / W212: Power Solid State Relays

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High Power Solid State Relays

high power solid state relays, "zero crossing" switching



The Wattcor W211 / 212 line offers highly reliable solid state power control with "zero crossing" switching up to 600A / 660Vac for resistive loads.

The units are ideally suited for repetitive, wear and tear free switching of heater banks.

The most outstanding features of these switches are low heat dissipation and compact, space saving construction.

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Wattcor W211

High Power Solid State Relay: Wattcor W211

The W211 is triggered by a logic signal (5-30 VDC or Vac). Three phase loads can be controlled by two or three W211 units.


Wattcor W212

High Power Solid State Relays: Wattcor W212

The W212 is controlled by an analogue signal
(0-5V, 0-10V, 0 / 4-20mA) or potentiometer.


High Power Solid State Relays: Wattcor W211 / 212

The output switches in bursts ("zero crossing" switching) and the duty cycle of these High Power Solid State Relays is proportional to the input signal. The cycle time of the output can be adjusted by a trimmer incorporated in the unit.

Gefran Wattcor: High Power Solid State Relays
Gefran Wattcor: High Power SSR
Gefran Wattcor: High Power Switching Devices

Three phase loads can be controlled by using one W212 as master and one or more W211 as slaves. The master unit synchronizes the slave units.

Wattcor High Power SSRs: Benefits

  • Compact construction, space saving
  • Low power dissipation (1.2W / A)
  • Zero crossing switching
  • Logic "Power disabled" input
  • "RPC" (optional) partial load failure detection
  • "DTC" (optional) short circuit or current failure detection
  • "DE" (optional) electronic overload protection up to 13x
  • nominal current Alarm relay output for fault conditions
  • Internal fuse with fuse failure output (on 250A and 600A units)
  • DIN-rail mounting (25A to 150A units)
  • Panel mounting (250A to 600A units

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Technical Information

  • Nominal working voltage:660Vac (max. range 20...725Vac)
  • Nominal frequency: 50/60Hz
  • Current Ratings (50°C):
  Model Repetitive
  Model ²t for fusing
Critical dv/dt with output de-activated
  25Arms ≤ 74A ≤ 600A   25Arms 1800A²s 1000V/μs
  40Arms ≤ 100A ≤ 1500A   40Arms 11200²s 1000V/μs
  75Arms ≤ 180A ≤ 1700A   75Arms 14450A²s 1000V/μs
  100Arms ≤ 300A ≤ 4800A   100Arms 86200A²s 1000V/μs
  150Arms ≤ 300A ≤ 4800A   150Arms 86200A²s 1000V/μs
  250Arms ≤ 450A ≤ 7800A   250Arms 200000A²s 1000V/μs
  400Arms ≤ 2000A ≤ 15000A   400Arms 1125000A²s 500V/μs
  600Arms ≤ 2000A ≤ 15000A   600Arms 1125000A²s 500V/μs

Temperature Derating Curves

High Power SSR Temperature Derating Curves 600A | 400A | 250A | 150A High Power SSR Temperature Derating Curves 100A | 75A | 40A | 25A

High Power Solid State Relays