Define Instruments PRO-FLO200 Flow batching totaliser
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This sophisticated controller is ideal for a variety of flow rate and batching applications. The dual display allows the user to view total and flow rate simultaneously.

  • 5 buttons
  • 2 x 10mm, 6-digit LED display
  • 6 setpoint indicator LED’s
    (R4, R4A, R4S & R4AS only)
  • IP65 dust and splash-proof
  • Panel mount case - (H x W x D)
    48 x 96 x 119.5mm
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PRO-FLO200The PRO - FLO200 controller is the ideal solution for a ariety of flow rate and batching applications.
This controller has been designed for ease of use, with ntuitive, scrolling text prompts that guide you step-by-step hrough the setup process. The front panel includes 2 rows of 6-digits and five front-panel buttons, for simple operator interface. The dual display allows you to view total and flow rate simultaneously.

The PRO - FLO200 can be customised to include a serial port (RS232/RS485) and an analog output. Up to four relay outputs can also be added.

Input signal

0-24V DC, 0-30V AC

Sensor typesNPN, PNP, mag, TTL, digital, closed contact, namur
Noise filtering0.2, 2, 20kHz or Off
Excitation24V DC (50mA max)
Frequency2Hz to 10KHz
K factor ranges0.1 to 99.9999, 999.999 or 9999.99
Temp driftTypically 2ppm/°C
- Optional -
Relay outputs4 x 5A form A
Analog outputIsolated 16-bit 4-20 mA or 0-10V output
Serial portIsolated RS232/485
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