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We offer specialist product training for:

as well as general training on selected industrial topics - please find more information on the 'workshops' tab below.

Please select the training course you are interested in.
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Microversity: Our Industrial Training Seminars

PID control Heating Element Maintenance

Temperature Sensing Thermal Technology

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What is it all about?

We have been giving training for many years, encouraging personnel in industry to become more productive and efficient in their work.

The ever increasing popularity of these courses led to the birth of an “official” training institution, the "microversity" industry training program, an initiative driven by unitemp/ Thermon SA.

What is the objective?

To provide focused training, short and practical hands-on workshops, that will provide immediate benefit to the participant and his/her job function. Providing training also allows us to give something back to our clients.

Which courses do we offer?

Please follow the links to the right for more information
or contact us here to discuss your specific training requirements.

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