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Tracer components & applicationsPipe temperature ranges with a common steam pressure/ temperature

Tracer Components offer full flexibility and provide an efficient thermal connection between the tracer and the heated object.

Our steam tracer components product range consists of:

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Typical steam tracing system using SafeTrace BTS

Thermon FAK-7 Termonation Seal Kit - find more info & get a quote! Thermon SafeTrace BTS Steam Tracer Thermon ThermoTube pre-insulated tubing: Find more info & get a quote! Thermon FT-1H Fixing Tape

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Isolated Steam Tracers

Thermon BTS SafeTrace Thermon SLS SafeTrace Thermon DLS Safe Trace

steam tracers are specifically designed to maintain temperature-sensitive or corrosive products. It can be easily installed without the need for channels, spacer blocks or metallic attachment bands.


  • Accurate and predictable heat transfer properties
  • Significantly reduced risk of burns
  • Easy installation without the need for channels, spacer blocks or metallic attachment bands

SafeTrace® Isolated Steam Tracer Products:

  • SafeTrace DLS for typical pipe temperatures from 5°C to 54°C (40°F to 130°F)
  • SafeTrace SLS for typical pipe temperatures from 24°C to 93°C (75°F to 200°F)
  • SafeTrace BTS for typical pipe temperatures from 38°C to 121°C (100°F to 250°F)


Heet Sheet

Vessel/ Tank Heating Units

Steam Tracer Component: Heet Sheet

are designed to provide large area coverage of steam tracing, eliminating cumbersome layout of individual tracers.The welded waffle style pattern provides multiple flow paths reducing risk of blockage possible with single-flow designs.

HeetSheet units are available in multiple sizes and are prerolled to conform to the radius of the tank. Stainless steel tubing connections are provided for steam or other heating or cooling media.


  • Known and predictable heat transfer properties
  • High heat transfer rates
  • Quick and easy installation due to factory-fitted heat transfer compound
  • No cross-contamination between heating media and tank content
  • Reduced risk of blockage


Typical tank heating system using Thermon HeetSheet

Thermon HeetSheet: Find more info & get a quote! Thermon ThermoTube

Thermon tracer components: Applications

Steam tracing applications range from freeze protection to maintaining temperatures close to that of the steam itself. Thermon steam tracing systems have a low installed cost compared to multiple bare tracers, “light” tracing with spacer blocks, or jacketed systems. “Thermonized” systems also provide predictable operation and maintenance that process plants demand.

Thermon Steam Tracing

Selection Guide: Heat transfer compounds & SafeTrace

High Heat Delivery

Medium Heat Delivery

Low Heat Delivery

Thermon SnapTrace and Heat Transfer Compounds Thermon SafeTrace BTS
“Thermonized” with SnapTrace® or other Thermon Heat Transfer Compounds SafeTrace BTS or Bare Tracing SafeTrace SLS or DLS
for “Light” Traced Systems
Asphalt, Resids, Sulfur
Fuel Oils, Heavy Grease, Crude
Caustics, Acids, Amines,
Small Water Lines


“Thermonized” with Thermon
Heat Transfer Compounds

  • Consistent Heat Transfer Properties
  • Less Than 20% of Cost for Steam Jacketing
  • Reduce Bare Trace Circuits by 3 Times or More

SnapTrace® Preformed Extrusions
for fast installation available in 4’
(1.22 m) m lengths

  • Significantly Reduces Installation Time
  • No Surface Preparation Required
  • Use With Up to 208°C Fluid/ Steam HT Compounds for Piping, Valves and Irregular Surfaces:

    T-3: 371°C
    T-99: 1,000°C
    T-80/ 85: 163°C | 190°C
    T-802: 135°C (2 part compound)

    (Maximum temperature ratings shown)


SafeTrace BTS: 38°C to 121°C
SafeTrace Isolated Steam Tracers
reduce or eliminate risk of burns.


“Light Tracing” alternative
to “spacer blocks”
SafeTrace SLS-IT: 24°C to 93°C
SafeTrace DLS-IT: 5°C to 54°C

One steam pressure for different pipe temperatures

Temperature over time - using different Thermon steam tracers

Heat-up and maintain characteristics for Thermon systems on 2” NPT (50mm) lines with 1” (25mm) insulation with 50 psig (3 barg) steam service (148°C)

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