Gefran 40TB: Process Indicator with Alarm
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The Gefran 40TB double indicator / Alarm unit provides combined measurement of pressure and temperature in one unit. It is used on extruder lines and in food processing plants.

The 40TB is a temperature and pressure double Indicator/ Alarm unit. Its operator interface is comprehensive and efficient, with two 4- digit displays for the two process variables and engineering units indications. It is also equipped with a red LED bargraph, which can be associated to process variables and to peak values.


  • Inputs configurable from faceplate
  • Easy strain-gauge calibration with sensitivity auto- ranging
  • Control of sensor power supply (input 1)
  • Selectable cade protection
  • Possibility to configure the unit
  • Power supply for transmitters
  • Easy to configure. Costum linearization available
  •  Engineering units of the most common physical quantities availbale either on display or an labels
  • Acquisition and alarm programmable from 15 up to 120 msec. with resolution from 16000 to 4000 divisions
  • Retransmission of variable values
  • 3 alarms completely configurable from faceplate
  • 4- wire configurable serial line. Protocol: GEFRAN CENCAL or MODBUS 
Sensor Inputs: 
Number of inputs:2
Thermocouples:J, K, T, E, N, S, R, B, LGost, U, G, D, C, custom
with scale in ºC or ºF (IEC 584)
Resistance Thermometers:Pt 100 DIN43710 (3-wire), Pt 100 Japan
Thermistors:PTC, NTC (1K/25ºC)
Linear:0...20 mA, 4...20 mA, 0...60 mV, 0...1 V, 0...5 V, 0...10 V
Ri >500? for voltage signals ??1V
Ri> 20K? for voltage signals > 1V
Ri = 50?? for current signals
Possible linearization on 32 segments
Sampling time:120 - 60 - 30 - 15 msec
Precision:0.2% ± 1 digit
Digital input:2 inputs from voltage- free contact
Maximum number of outputs:3
Relay:max. 5 A, 250 V resistive load
Analog:2 outputs: 0-10V, 0/4-20mA is. 1500V, resol. 12bit
Transmitter power supply:1,2 Vdc for potentiometer > 100?
5,10 Vdc max. 120A for strain gauge
15Vdc max/80mA; 24 Vdc max 50mA for transm. 2-wire
Power supply:100...240 Vac/dc; ± 10%
20...27 Vac/dc ± 10% 50/60 Hz
Digital communication:RS485, RS232 1200...19200 baud
Faceplate protection level:IP 65
Working temperature:0 to 50ºC
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